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Your decision in next 5 Minutes , going to change your life forever.

17 out of 21 students have got jobs in the last batch

If you are seriously looking for a job and sincerely tried but could not get it yet, this may be what you are looking for.

Read Carefully, 

V.V Important Note: The program may look un-believable at first. Walk into our office (or call us) after reading through this page. 

Lets get straight to the point.

Zero. That is correct. You dont have to pay anything at the start of training. Your first payment will be when you get the offer letter.

nCodeIT is “not just training, but we will get you job” model institute in getting Software jobs to the jobseekers. We have been training students in cutting edge technologies DevOps,Cloud(aws,GoogleCloud,Azure) ,Container technologies (Docker,Kubernetes) , Middleware Technologies like weblogic Admin, websphere Admin, JBoss Admin, TomcatAdmin, DevOps Shell Scripting, Python Scripting for the last 4 years.

Recently we have added Full stack development training also. At nCodeIT, jobseekers will be trained as per their preferred profile.

You could choose –

DevOps (git/github/jenkins)
Configuration Management (Ansible,Chef,Puppet)
Cloud ( AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
Scripting ( Python,Bash,JavaScript)
Operational Intelligence ( Splunk,ELK)

Programming – Python, Sql , Full Stack
Data Science – Data Science, Machine Learning


Or a combination of above.

You will be provided with full guidance about choosing the best combination to get job quickly.Programming – Python, Sql , Full Stack


nCodeIT is top notch high quality training institute for getting a job in DevOps/Cloud Technologies. we give you 30 to 90 days rigorous training , in two phases.

Phase1 – Caterpillar Phase – All basics – 35 days
Phase2 – Chrysalis Phase – Advanced areas and Interview related prep – Upto 90 days

You can check the full list of our technologies at

Apart from the technology you will be also be trained in, project management related aspects, ticketing tools (JIRA/Redmine/servicenow), monitoring tools (Nagios/Prometheus/NewRelic), Interview Questions, Mock Interviews, Written Tests, Software based Quizes and everything.

With this 60 days training, you gain technical experience equivalent to anybody actually working for 4 to 5 years. Then you will upload the resume to the major portals like & . You will get direct calls from these companies. You will attend the interviews with all the knowledge we have given you and crack it.

If you are a fresher, the companies will take you as fresher. If you are already working, you can transition from your previous technology to this middleware/devops/cloud technologies.

Well. This is the question we want you to ask us. We have trained total 460 students and 350 of these are already placed. That is a 65% success rate. It means that if we train 10 students 6.5(~7) of them got jobs. Remaining students are at the various stages of the clearing the interviews and getting ready to receive offer letters.

DevOps & Cloud are new generation technologies that have changed the way IT infrastructure works and used by businesses. In the last 3 years, every company and every project has been trying to adopt DevOps and Cloud technologies to make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

Because of this large scale change across all types of companies, requirement for software engineers with DevOps,Cloud skills is huge now.

Its possible to get jobs with decent skills in these technologies.

Lots of. This is not just one technology. We are talking about all types of businesses trying to adopt these new technologies. To give you an anology, when software was introduced newly during 1990s everybody wanted software job. Its almost same now. Every compnay wants their old software and systems to be upgraded to DevOps and Cloud.

This created huge opportunity for the freshers and existing software engineers who want to re-skill themselves and move into new technolgoies.

This is your chance. Because of the huge demand, its relatively easy to get job. And with the training at nCodeIT it wont take more than 60 – 90 days to get an offer letter.

DevOps,Cloud,Shell Scripting, Python Scripting,Docker,Kubernetes,Splunk, ELK, sql, DataScience, Machine learning. These technologies are considered “Hot Skills” in the market and there are huge number of jobs in this. At the same time there are very few number of people who are skilled in these technologies. On an average every student who puts up 3 to 4 years of experience in these technologies gets minimum of 10 to 15 calls in the first one month. Some of our students have been able to successfully get 3 to 4 offer letters from big companies like Oracle,Wipro,Infosys,CTS,IBM,TechMahindra and many more.

Absolutely. We are 200% sure you will crack it.

We are so confident that , we will not charge you a penny unless you have offer letter in your hand.

Usually 3 Rounds

Round 1 – Technical ( Telephonic Or Face2Face)

Round 2 – Technical ( Telephonic Or Face2Face)

Round3 – Managerial ( Usually Face2Face)

Yes. Anybody up to the experience of 5 years have jobs in this DevOps & Cloud. But the profile for freshers will be little bit tilted towards Python programming also.

Whereas 3 – 5 years experienced will will completely re-skilled in non-programming areas. With our training you will get knowledge  equivalent to of 3 to 5 years experience.

For freshers and those searching for the job for the last 3 years, focus will be more on DevOps and automation using Python.

Cost of the training varies based on the amount of effort nCodeIT has to put in to train the skills required for you to crack the interviews. 

For 2012 – 2016 PASSED OUTS
2 Lakhs + GST ( to be paid in 5 installments ) if you get the offerletter with in 12 months of signing the agreement

1st installment – 1 Lakh + gst  – after getting the offer letter
2nd installment -25000 + gst  – 1 month after 1st installment
3rd installment – 25000 + gst  – 2 months after 1st installment
4th installment – 25000 + gst  – 3 months after first installment
5th installment – 25000 + gst  – 4 months after first installment


1 Lakhs + GST ( to be paid in three installments) if you get the offerletter with in 6 months of signing the agreement

1st installment   – 50000  + gst  – after getting the offer letter
2nd installment  – 25000 + gst  – 1 month after 1st installment
3rd installment   – 25000 + gst  – 2 months after 1st installment


50000 + gst (to be paid in one installment)  if you get offerletter with in 6 months of signing the agreement.

1st installment – 50000 + gst – after getting the offer letter


Yes. Thats correct. There is no need to pay anything at the beginning of the course. Also there is no need to pay even after the course is completed, if you dont get a job.

You pay only if you get an offer letter. The first installment has to be paid when you get the offer letter.

Most of our jobseekers got jobs. On an average students take 45 days to 90 days in our training to get the job. There are students who got jobs even before the training is finished. If you do not get a job in 60 to 90 days and if we think that you have potential we will train you in additional technologies to increase the no. of calls. There are several other ways that we help our students increase the number of calls if they are facing difficulty in getting calls.

We have a rigorous selection process to choose the candidates who have the potential for getting a job. Our training process is rigorous. If you are ready to work hard and follow our training 24 hours a day even if you are an average student you can still get the job.

If you think that you can work hard and complete our training program of 90 days, then should try our program. This program is not like other training centers that you have attended. Its not like you go to a class,relax under the fans while the trainer is shouting hard to teach you. Our training program makes you practice everything. Thats the reason our students are getting highest number of jobs.

Nothing. Thats it. You dont pay anything at the start of the course.

Yes. we loose if you dont get job. Thats why we dont select everybody. Only students with good skills we select.

You need decent communication skills, average analytical skills , at least 40% marks in academics and lots of dedication to work hard for at least 10 hours a day.

There are no hidden costs. You dont pay anything for the training at the beginning. 

Course duration is 60 – 120 days. On 40th day all the students upload the resume. Some of students got offer letters in their hands on 60th day itself.

Yes.  You will have to sign a contract with nCodeIT pvt Ltd that if you will pay the training fee after getting the job, along with 2 post-dated cheques equivalent to the training fee.

No. There is no need to submit any of your certificates. But you should give the scan copies for verification of your degree.


DevOps (git/github/jenkins)
Configuration Management (Ansible,Chef,Puppet)
Cloud ( AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
Scripting ( Python,Bash,JavaScript)
Operational Intelligence ( Splunk,ELK)
Data Science, Machine Learning
Full Stack

You can check the full list of our technologies at

Some of these courses will be taught for each batch depending on the number of calls in the job market during that time for that specific technology. For eg. if there are enough calls for AWS alone in a particular month only AWS will be taught.

If we need to get more calls then other technologies will be introduced. REMEMBER, This program is not a technology learning program. THIS IS A JOB GETTING PROGRAM. The main purpose of this program is TO GET YOU JOB.

Yes. There are mandatory pre-requisites for this program.

Communication : Decent written & speaking skills are mandatory

Education :

MCA 2019 or before

B.Tech – 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019 ( M.Tech also eligible if your B.Tech years match) – 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019

Phase1 (Caterpillar) – Bangalore & Hyderabad – First 38 days
Phase2(Chrysalis) – Bangalore – Upto 90 Days.

Important Note: Its mandatory for all the jobseekers to go to Bangalore for Phase2 traning. Phase2 training will start after 35 days of Phase1 training.

This restriction is because, IT jobs are only available in Bangalore in huge numbers. You can relocate to your preferred city after getting a job.

We will repeat again. THIS IS NOT A TECHNOLOGY LEARNING PROGRAM. ITS A JOB GETTING PROGRAM. You should not worry about whether you will learn all the technologies or only some of them. We will ensure that you will get the job in the least time with fewest technologies.

Dont be cheated by job guarantee programs. Nobody can give you job guarantee. Its a lie. But our programs gives a 90% probability that you will get a job.

Our students got jobs till now because they were trained well to clear interviews on their own. With our program you are getting job on your own by cracking interviews on your own. Your skill and dedication plus our training program will decide how many offers you get. 90% our students got jobs during the first 100 days of our training program. You will also get.

Every MNC that uses DevOps and Cloud. Our students are currently working at Oracle,Wipro,CTS,Infosys,TechMahendra,IBM and other MNCs. You will also be workng in one of these companies after our training program.

6.5 lakhs per annum ( may vary between 5.5 to 7.5 )

Some jobseekers got packages of 9 Lakhs and 10.5 lakhs also. But it wont happen to everybody. 6.5 lakhs is common figure.

Yes. Littlebit of Python and Bash Scripting. But we will make it really easy for you to learn. Just think of it like you have do the homework of a LKG kid.

F2F ( Face2Face) interviews are much easier to clear than telephonic interviews. We train students with several rounds of mock interviews. Our students are successful with F2F interviews & telephonics.

Well. If you think that you have very good communication & technical skills but have financial difficulty, then contact us. We may have something for you.

Its intensive training program. We have to give 1 to 1 attention for every students. Therefore only 15-20 students will be there per batch.

Go ahead and finish the selection process by filling the form at Register Here

You are more than welcome to call us. You can reach us at 8019965145 or 90596 73253

Note: To get the upcoming batch details, call us at +91 8019965145

Walk into our office at to start the selection process.

Bangalore Office– nCodeIT Pvt Ltd, 1st Floor , VRKH Building , Behind Biryani Zone, First Main Road, CKB Layout, Marathahalli , Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037  ( click here for directions using google maps ) 

Hyderabad – nCodeIT,Flat No.303, Mahindra Residency, Ameerpet,Hyderabad-16 ( click here for directions using google maps

Because this course is almost one-to-one course, its not possible to train huge numbers. 

Therefore we limit the no.of people to maximum of 20. 

Limited Seats Only